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Amazing Features

So many new things, it's not a private server anymore

All New Skills

Every skill in Ignis is brand new - enabling stat scaling to customize your character even more

Item Enhancment

In addition to the original enhancment, you can add base stats to your weapons, too


Extend the party system to 20 characters with the Expedition System

Duel System

Want to quickly settle a score with someone? Why not challange them to a 1v1 Duel


Expanded License System adds many new stat options to your character's weapon, not just crit chance

Stat System

Build your character how you want - Stats now offer many more benefits to your skills & character

Early Prestige

Why wait until level 100 to get the cool things? In Ignis, your prestige class happens at level 20


New PvP-based game modes, see below for more information

And many, many more - Scroll down to play now


Ignis has a new PvP System, called Battlefronts. As a replacment for the outdated Kingdom Quest System, Battlefronts aim to provide players with something to do, at all times. Because Battlefronts are always 'recruiting', you can join at any time.

Battlefronts are ranked, which means your team's rank will be visible for all to see. Top ranked teams will also receive rewards!

Holyknight Class Rework

We wanted to do something a bit different with the HK class. Instead of them being an off-healer, we wanted a new type of class - Buff/Debuffer. HKs in Ignis will focus on quickly buffing their allies and,at the same time, debuffing enemies. While they don't have the direct heals, if played correctly, their allies won't need the heals to being with.

  • Many buff/debuff skills
  • Low cooldowns, low buff/debuff duration
  • High learning curve, bigger reward
  • Buff/Debuff effects scale with SPR/END

Archer Class Buff

The Archer class has always been neglected. Ignis however, corrects this problem. Archers in Ignis got a big buff in PvP and PvE. While they are still DoT (Damage over Time) based, their DoT skills now scale with their STR.

This means that the more STR stat points you have into STR, the more damage per tick your poisons do to your enemies. This, along with more skills that use STR scaling, gives Archers the boost they need in damage to stay relevant.


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